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Some beauty secrets are worth long journeys. The women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe of South America travelled deep into the Amazon rainforest for hundreds of years to retrieve a particularly precious secret: a natural miracle oil found in the Rahua nut, which promotes the everlasting health of the hair. Just a number of drops will help to repair any damage caused by the sun’s rays and environmental stressors. In the 1990s a native of Ecuador, New York City-based stylist Fabian Lliguin, came to learn of this ancient beauty secret.

The Rahua nut’s restorative oils create thick, lustrous, shiny hair, something everything woman aspires to. This oil deeply penetrates your hair strands, creating optimum results.

Inspired by the information and his own research, he founded the Rahua hair collection utilizing generous doses of the oil. It’s sourced through fair trade agreements with many South American tribes. Enlist in the range to enjoy the nourishing benefits of Rahua oil will. It will deeply penetrate your hair, restore moisture to the strands and revitalize strands that have become brittle or dull.

Organic Beauty

Rahua produces shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products, everything that you need to care for your hair on a daily basis in a natural, non-damaging way. The namesake product line is built around the Rahua nut’s oil, and the organic brand strives to establish an earth-friendly and sustainable business. It honors the sanctity of the Amazon rainforest and strives to respect the environment while creating highly effective products.

The Rahua nut is the key to Rahua Products' success in the hair care industry. This natural, potent oil can revitalize your hair, giving it improved elasticity and volume. Turn to Rahua Products for your hair care needs.

Miracle Products

Discover healthy, voluminous hair with the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner duo – featuring two of Rahua’s star products. The gentle Voluminous Shampoo gently cleanses the hair while creating body and bounce. Follow through with the Voluminous Conditioner to protect the hair and boost vitality. Both are suitable for color-treated hair and daily use

Rahua’s Finishing Treatment will stop your hair from splitting during styling, combing, and blow-drying. It strengthens your hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. Green tea protects your hair from UV damage and ungurahua oil prevents thinning. This wonder treatment rebuilds your hair's elasticity levels, leaving a glossy, weightless finish. Simply apply this treatment to damp hair, especially the ends, for maximum results.

The Rahua product line also extends to the body, for example with the Amazon oil which provides a lit-from-within glow. This natural oil will leave your skin with a luminous tone.

Unlock your hair and skin’s true potential with Rahua, the beauty secret of the Quechua-Shuar.

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